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― Ray Schoonover to Punisher [src] The Assassination of Ray Schoonover was the execution of Colonel Ray Schoonover, who was inadvertently responsible for the deaths of Frank Castle 's family Sometime later, one of Schoonover's most loyal Marines, Gosnell, was nearly killed by an explosion, damaging much of his face. Eventually Schoonover and most of his servicemen returned to the United States of America

He was heading a drug smuggling operation to finance anti-communist aid to the hill tribes. After the war, Schoovoner was running for US Senate, and afraid that any of old team may talk about his past as drug smuggler, he hired the Sniper to assassinate them. The Punisher subsequently forced Schoonover to confess his crimes #ThePunisher #Season1 #Netflix The Punisher TV Clip from episode 3 'Kandahar'. TM © Netflix, Disney and Marvel. ALL RIGHTS GO TO DISNEY AND NETFLIX. Starring..

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Schoonover had been keeping the fact that he was involved with the death of Castle's family a secret from his subordinate. Despite testifying on Castle's behalf, Schoonover was secretly relieved.. Upon seeing her body alive, Frank torched his daughter to death with a flamethrower. Lisa Castle in other media Two daughters named Annie Castle and Felice Castle appeared in the 1989 film The Punisher, played by Brooke Anderson and Holly Rogers respectively. Annie and Felice, as well as their mother, are killed in a car bomb William J. Rawlins III was the Director of Covert Operations for the CIA and founder of Cerberus Squad. While conducting assassination missions with Ray Schoonover, Rawlins came into conflict with Frank Castle, leading to Rawlins putting a hit out on Castle which had soon resulted in Castle's entire family being massacred Although Stein was clearly highly skeptical about this and had noted that the Punisher was dead, Madani noted Castle and Schoonover served in the same unit in Afghanistan and had then both died on the same day, just twenty miles apart there in New York City, questioning if Stein really thought that this was merely a coincidence #Daredevil #Season2 #Netflix Daredevil: Season 2 Episode 8 TV Clip. Ep. Info: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4950326/ Full Cast & Crew: https://www.imdb.com/ti..

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  1. The Massacre at Central Park While uncovering the true identity of Micro, who had not only discerned The Punisher was still alive but also tracked him down, Castle learned of his connection to Wolf. And it's Wolf who ultimately provides context, and confirmation, for Schoonover's words and an understanding of why Castle's family was killed
  2. Colonel Morty Bennett was a high-ranked United States Army officer and key member of the Cerberus Squad. When Bennett became a target of the Punisher, he attempted to go into hiding, only to then be betrayed by William Rawlins and murdered by Billy Russo
  3. g on Netflix. Viewers, and Frank Castle, believed they knew what led to the tragic deaths of his.

He came to blows with The Punisher when Sniper was part of Schoonover's smuggling operation as an enforcer after the war. He remained a villain until his death in Wolverine and The Punisher: Damaging Evidence Vol. 1, #3. When it seemed that the cyborg, Damage, might have the chance to kill the Punisher, Sniper tried to beat him to it Colonel Schoonover's Words. Introduced during the second season of Daredevil, Col. Ray Schoonover (Clancy Brown) was a decorated Marine and Castle's former commanding officer who testified to the vigilante's heroism in Afghanistan.His devotion to country and the men under his command proved to be a thin veneer, however, as Schoonover was revealed to be the Blacksmith, the mysterious drug lord. Marvel The Punisher. Temporada 1, episodio 3. This video is not intended to infringe any copyright. I do not claim any rights and I am governed by the permits issued by the owners of the content. Schoonover reminded him that he had taught him everything he knew, even how to hold a firearm. Eventually Schoonover told him to prove that he was the Punisher once and for all. Castle said that Schoonover taught him about one shot, one kill and before Schoonover could reply, he fired a single shot into Schoonover's skull, killing him instantly The Punisher opens with Frank finishing off the various gangs responsible for his family's death, but there's a bigger plot afoot. Micro, a hacker and whistleblower who revealed details of an off-the-books hit squad within the US military, pulls Castle back into his war when he reveals that more people were involved in his family's death. Alongside Schoonover was a man nicknamed Agent Orange.

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Shortly after exiting Ryker's Island, Castle deduces Schoonover's identity as the Blacksmith and saves Karen Page from being murdered by Schoonover. Shortly after killing Schoonover, Castle kills the remnants of the three criminal organizations while taking advantage of a published article by Page announcing Castle's death in a house fire Schoonover taunts Castle's moniker as the Punisher, and how he had to teach him how to use his first firearm at age 18, before Castle replies One Shot, one kill. You taught me that. and executes him with a headshot. After killing Schoonover, Castle finds a hidden room within the shack that contains an impressive armory filled with military-grade weapons and a bulletproof vest that had all. The Punisher is a 2017 action/drama tv show made by Steve Lightfoot, starring Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle AKA The Punisher. The Punisher is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 1 Season 1 1.1 3AM 1.2 Two Dead Men 1.3 Kandahar 1.4 Resupply 1.5 Gunner 1.6 The Judas Goat 1.7 Cold Steel 1.8 Front..

Sniper (Rich von Burian) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.Created by Carl Potts and Jim Lee, the character made his first appearance in The Punisher War Journal Vol. 1, #4 (March 1989) as an enemy of the Punisher Historique de la publication Origines. Le personnage du Punisher est inspiré de Mack Bolan, l'Exécuteur, qui fut créé par Don Pendleton pour une série de thrillers publiés à compter de l'année 1969. Il doit également beaucoup au vengeur incarné par Charles Bronson dans le film Un justicier dans la ville (Death Wish) de Michael Winner sorti en 1974 When The Punisher Season 1 But there was so much death in Frank's backstory — from his time in the Marines to his own beloved family and the gory trail of justice he left through Manhattan.

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Ray Schoonover is a Marvel Comics character and antagonist who appears in Daredevil, played by Clancy Brown. He is an United States Marine colonel who is secretly a drug lord. He was also Frank Castle's commanding officer during the war. His actions led to the mob war that led to the death of Frank's family. After Frank became the Punisher, Ray hired a sniper to Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson. Punisher learned of Grotto's survival and decided to ensure his death by tracking him to the hospital. Punisher charged into the hospital, fighting off a security guard on the way before blasting through the hallways with a shotgun. However Grotto, who was recuperating in the hospital from his wounds, was only saved by the timely intervention of Karen Page, who rushed him out of the room away. Schoonover continued to taunt Castle's moniker as the Punisher, and how he had to teach him how to use his first firearm at age eighteen. Schoonover told him to prove that he was the Punisher and that he did not need him anymore, at which point Castle remembered Schoonover's lesson about one shot, one kill, before executing Schoonover with a single bullet through his skull The Punisher (real name: Frank Castle Sr.) is a major antagonist-turned-anti-hero in the web television series Daredevil, and serves as the deuteragonist of season 2 and the titular main protagonist of the spin-off series of the same name. Once a war veteran, his world was shook when his family was brutally killed during a gang war, turning the broken man into a dangerous, unstoppable and. Frank Castle, also known as the Punisher, is a recurring character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He served as one of the two tritagonists of Daredevil's second season, and later as the titular anti-heroic protagonist of the spin-off series The Punisher. He was a New York City-based vigilante whose wife, daughter, and son were murdered in a drug sting gone wrong. In contrast to Daredevil.

'The Punisher': What to remember before watching. One batch, two batch, penny and dime It's been about a year and a half since we last checked in with the Punisher, played by Jon Bernthal. Agent Orange commences Operation Cerberus is Afghanistan, putting together an elite death squad to eliminate high-value targets. The squad includes Frank Castle, Billy Russo, Gunner Henderson, Ray Schoonover, and others. The operation is entirely off the books, with no official government records of it ever existing. Since the operation is a secret even from the CIA, Agent Orange enlists. After killing off many of the team, he was tracked by Frank Castle, the Punisher who then learned the truth of Colonel Schoonover's connection to the drugs and other illegal activities. Castle.

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  1. Death of His Family . In order to prevent Castle from revealing their operations, Rawlins, Schoonover, and Cerberus Squad attempted to assassinate Frank Castle and his family, using the cover of a meeting between Dutton, Leland Owlsley, the Kitchen Irish, the Dogs of Hell, and Culiacan Cartel, which was orchestrated by Schoonover. Frank's.
  2. Ray Schoonover; Kastle AU; Punisher au; Fanfic; Frank Castle x Karen Page; Karen Page kicking ass; Role Reversal AU ; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Alternate Universe - Role Reversal; kastle - Freeform; Summary. Her eyes glanced off the bullet casings littering the floor, then looked up at him. Her next words were heavy and resigned. I'm the Punisher. - The first of a series.
  3. Punisher Tattoo Meaning. The Punisher is a symbol of doing the right thing by any means necessary. Some of the biggest fans of the Punisher are people in the military and police officers and this is for a few reasons. If you talk to soldiers, they will tell you the Punisher is the epitome of what they all strive to be and do. No nonsense, no.
  4. In Daredevil and The Punisher he plays Major Schoonover, Frank Castle's former commanding officer. In Thor: Ragnarok, he voices the fire demon Surtur. Personal life. Brown has been married to Jeanne Johnson since 1993. They have a son and a daughter. Brown is a fan of the Cincinnati Reds. Filmography Live-action Film. Year Title Role Notes.
  5. Deathwatch posed in the mortal world as crime boss Stephen Lords. His activities often lead to casualties that he then fed off of to empower himself. He also wanted to gain the position of the Kingpin. He also became an enemy of Wolverine's after Logan encountered some of his men in Madripoor
  6. Schoonover showed up in some early Punisher: War Journal comics. - William Rawlins and his injured eye are indeed from the comics, though. Created by Garth Ennis and Doug Braithwaite in 2005

As the original Marvel Netflix series, Daredevil has the most history to remember. Season 3 premieres on Oct. 19 and with more than two and half years between Seasons 2 and 3, you might be in. After killing Schoonover, he finds a secret cache of high-end weaponry, including a bulletproof vest that looks one dab of paint away from becoming the Punisher's iconic skull logo. The. Potts said for him, the bottom line was this: As the Punisher, part of Castle's motivation for attacking violent criminals is his death wish for failing to save his family. Another part of his motivation is the need for the excitement and danger. Both aspects of his motivation help keep him from thinking too deeply about his loss and his guilt. So, his mission is part of his coping mechanism During the backstory he was this with Colonel Schoonover, as the leaders of Operation Cerberus, a death squad funded by trafficking heroin into the United States. In The Punisher Season 1, along with Billy Russo. Rawlins is the one who originally set up the Blacksmith's heroin operation, using it to finance illegal CIA operations to eliminate. Punisher killed 2 men in the bar fight. Punisher killed 6 men before getting on the boat. 1 guy was on the boat when Punisher blew it up and Daredevil said there were 10 that were on land, so the explosion killed 11 men. Episode 11 confirmed killcount: 13. Episode 12: The Dark at the End of the Tunnel. Punisher kills Schoonover

After his death, federal agents went about smearing his name, making him seem like a traitor. Frank mentions that Micro's wife still believes he was a good man, but as Micro notes, that. Fandoms: The Punisher (TV 2017), Daredevil (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe Explicit; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; F/M; Work in Progress; 22 Oct 2019. Tags . Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Frank Castle/Karen Page; Frank Castle & Karen Page; Frank Castle; Karen Page; Billy Russo; Curtis Hoyle; Ray Schoonover; Mitchell Ellison; Wilson Fisk; Matt Murdock; Franklin Foggy Nelson. Frank has some breakfast . In the present, Frank enters a diner and is immediately called over by the waitress when he receives a call on the diner's phone, which Frank says, can't be. But the man knows him by his real name, and mentions a disk he dropped off at Castle's house. The man calls himself Micro, and refuses to meet, saying, You need to really know why you can. Schoonover est le trafiquant que Castle recherchait. Il se sait démasqué et tente de tuer Karen mais le Punisher les a suivi, piège son ancien colonel et l'emmène dans son ancienne cabane. Karen essaie encore de le retenir de tuer, en vain. Castle abat Le Forgeron et trouve dans la cabane une remise secrète contenant un arsenal de guerre

Col. Ray Schoonover (Death) Sniper (Rich van Burian) Locations: New York City, NY; Items: Vehicles: Punisher's Battle Van; Synopsis for Crucible The Sniper's stronghold is supposed to be impregnable. But the Punisher's about to prove him wrong — dead wrong! Appearing in Punisher's Arsenal Featured Characters: Supporting Characters. Schoonover was the commanding officer of individuals including Frank Castle, Billy Russo, Gunner Henderson, Rich van Burian, Carl Lucas, Burt Kenyon, and Marc Spector in Iraq. Sometime after Kenyon, Lucas, and.. So much so that Schoonover claimed everything that happened to Castle — including the death of his family — was about Kandahar. It's clear that the Punisher believes Schoonover's claim, and is still searching for the truth. This also helps us understand the role Deborah Ann Woll's Karen Page will play. In the MCU, she's been retooled as an investigative journalist, and she's already proved.

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Le Punisher (le Punisseur [1]) est un personnage de fiction appartenant à l'univers de Marvel Comics.Créé en 1974 par Gerry Conway, Ross Andru et John Romita, Sr., il est apparu pour la première fois dans The Amazing Spider-Man #129.. Il incarne l'esprit de vengeance et de justice personnelle. Le monde dans lequel il évolue est glauque et sans espoir The opening episode of The Punisher (2017). Picking up where we last saw him in Daredevil (2015) season 2, Frank Castle is traveling around the country killing off members of the gangs involved in his family's death. We first see Frank chasing down a pair of Dogs of Hell bikers on an Alabama. In season 2 of Daredevil, it was revealed that Castle's commanding officer, Colonel Ray Schoonover (Clancy Brown), knew that his family was targeted for death for some reason but the Punisher was not able to find the truth behind that. It is implied that in the premiere season of The Punisher, Castle will go back to his military roots to find clues as to who killed his family and for what.

The Punisher episode 1 recap: 3AM. We're not wasting any time going right for the feels. An agonized Frank Castle picks at a guitar as he remembers once helping his daughter to do Frank Castle's past is integral to the character. His identity as the Punisher was formed in the wake of intense pain that transformed him into the antihero so many viewers have become invested in. A standout Punisher episode knows war is hell. Caroline Siede . 11/19/17 10:00AM • Filed to: Recap. Recap Marvel's The Punisher The Punisher. 65. 4. Photo: The Punisher (Netflix) TV Reviews All. In the wake of his apparent death, Karen decides to honor Frank with a profile, which leads her to Schoonover's doorstep. In a very expected twist, Karen realizes Schoonover is the Blacksmith.

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  1. When the Punisher finally figures it out, he rams his car into Schoonover's, badly injuring him. Castle then drags Schoonover into his own private cabin and armory, silent as his former commanding officer mocks his family's deaths. At first, the Punisher looks through the cabin, going over all of the weapons he could use to torture Schoonover with, but after the Blacksmith states how he taught.
  2. (Spoilers for Daredevil and The Punisher) (Schoonover) didn't show up. But in the Punisher, they say William Rawlins approved the hit on his family. So what happened? Bonus Question: Wasn't Frank back from war for one day before his family was killed? So Frank hangs out with his family and Russo at the park. Russo knows his family will be killed. So he acts all friendly and leaves the park.
  3. Schoonover got into the heroin trade in New York using product he sourced during his time in the Middle East, and it was his actions that helped cause the death of Castle's family
  4. In the ensuing battle between Daredevil and Death's Head, Death's Head spills a vat of molten cobalt over Daredevil, but realizes that Karen is endangered. This brings Paxton back to his own senses, pushing Daredevil and Karen to safety. He appears to die in this act of self-sacrifice, when he is coated in the molten cobalt. After the battle with Death's Head, Daredevil's true identity is.
  5. g himself for the death of his father as well as feeling lost after losing his sight. He was both heroic and selfless even as a child, as was shown best when he saved an elderly man from being hit by a truck, at the cost of his own vision. Murdock has daddy.
  6. The Punisher season 1 wraps up the conspiracy of Frank's family's death, while gently nudging open the door into a potential season 2. By the time we leave Frank, it feels as though he has.
  7. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work

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The Punisher can be taken on even if you decided to skip the previous Marvel shows entirely. Watching Daredevil season 2 will definitely help to flesh out his character a bit more, but other than that there are no real references to the other shows. There are a few cameos, but you can easily catch on without having any background knowledge as to who they are, leaving The Punisher to be. Vengeance Has a Name. The Punisher has for a long time had a turbulent history in regards to a live action adaptation. They 1989 film changed his entire story while not even having him wear his iconic skull shirt. The 2004 also strayed from the source material but kept most of the characters traits while Punisher: War Zone was some what of a faithful adaptation but feel short in terms of quality 17 Works in Ray Schoonover. Navigation and Actions. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed; Listing Works. let me love you and then colour me in by 152glasslippers Fandoms: Daredevil (TV), The Punisher (TV 2017) Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; F/M; Complete Work; 24 Feb 2020. Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Frank Castle/Karen Page ; Frank Castle; Karen Page. The Punisher (TV Series 2017-2019) TVSeries. Information Episodes . Full Casts . Posters Images . Trailer . Report . Create Report . Full Actor Full Cast Wikipedia plot Full (Actor and Plot) Full (Actor, Cast and Wikipedia plot) The Punisher (TV Series 2017-2019) After exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife and children, Frank Castle uncovers a conspiracy that runs.

Punisher is infamous for being a homicidal vigilante so not many of his opponents stay standing for very long - however, a few notable exceptions have appeared and become regular enemies This sort of time gap also makes sense given that in the first episode, Madani says the boat explosion and Schoonover's death happened last year when she asks Sam to dig up files. So the timeline for Frank is, after killing Schoonover and his brief detour to give some cover fire to Matt, he torched his house and went on a five month road trip to pick off the stragglers from the gangs that. The Punisher (real name Frank Castle, Sr.) is a Marvel Comics character who is a brutal and ruthless vigilante who stops at nothing on his war on crime. Frank is a man who sees the world in pure black and white terms and believes that the only way to keep the streets safe is to kill dangerous criminals (Murderers, pedophiles, rapists, psychs, sadists, terrorists, poachers, drug dealers, mob. Both are dealing heavily with the loss and pain of their loved ones' supposed death. Sarah and David are reunited by the end of The Punisher season 1, and Karen reunited with Matt in Daredevil (2015) season 3, and yet Frank is the only one who will never get that Appearing early on in Punisher, he is the lively son of Microchip. Many times acting before he thinks, this gets him killed even earlier than he appeared. His death will be one of many things that.

We also find out schoonover is involved big time and orchestrated the gang war. When we come to the Punisher show Frank finds out that it wasn't just a gang war, but his family's death was a conspiracy to keep him quiet by killing him because they thought HE was the one who filmed the video and sent it to micro who sent it to midani Sniper (Rich von Burian) is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Carl Potts and Jim Lee, the character made his first appearance in The Punisher War Journal Vol. 1, #4 (March 1989). He is an enemy of the Punisher

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Black clothes. White skull. Smoking guns. These are the gloriously simple ingredients behind the Punisher, the no-holds-barred antihero who'll soon be starring in one of the fall's most. See more 3 Appearances of Ray Schoonover (MCU), 4 Mentions of Ray Schoonover (MCU Recommended Reading Punisher War Journal (Vol. 1)#4 (March, 1989), Punisher War Journal (Vol. 1)#5 (April, 1989) Links and References Ray Schoonover at Wikipedia.or

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  1. All you need to know about Hschoonover Reference. Details the original Hschoonover pic. Gilbert Schoonover Obituary - Wilson Smith Funeral Hom
  2. Hello, and welcome once again to another edition of my Theories series. If you read the title, you should already know this article in on Marvel's The Punisher, which releases in the United States next Friday, November 17th. The 13-episode season is set to star Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle/ The Punisher, Ben Barnes as Billy Russo
  3. There were three separate attempts to adapt the Punisher for live of all the people involved in the death of his family, a mission he left for at the end of DD season 2, and then he burns his.
  4. Frank survived again, however, and tailed Karen for a short while before she was kidnapped by Colonel Schoonover. He ended up being the drug lord, and was preparing to assassinate her before Frank wrecked their car, leading Schoonover to an abandoned shack and executing him. While looking around, however, the shack appeared to have a fake wall, where Castle discovered an armory of guns and.
  5. Feb 9, 2019 - Explore James Brookshire's board Punisher skull decal on Pinterest. See more ideas about Skull, Punisher, Punisher skull
  6. The Punisher has a punishing montage . Frank Castle shows his daughter how to play the guitar in a fuzzy flashback. The camera cuts to Frank in a dark, almost prison-like room. He is playing the guitar, then it cuts again, and he's sitting, hands empty but in a position as if he were playing

Marvel's The Punisher Reveals Why Frank Castle's Family

  1. Sur des photos, Karen reconnait des hommes de main du Forgeron. Schoonover est le trafiquant que Castle recherchait. Il se sait démasqué et tente de tuer Karen mais le Punisher les a suivi, piège son ancien colonel et l'emmène dans son ancienne cabane. Karen essaie encore de le retenir de tuer, en vain. Castle abat Le Forgeron et trouve.
  2. The punisher, is not really an easy story to tell especially with the current political climate in the United States. The punisher tells the tale of Frank Castle a Marine veteran who after the death of his family, became a vigilante known as The Punisher who had only one goal which was to avenge the death of his family
  3. However, the death of Schoonover in The Dark at the End of the Tunnel is treated as the functional end of his arc. Colonel Schoonover effectively made the Punisher, in more ways than one. Schoonover may have organised the drug deal that killed Frank's family, but he also gave Frank the skills that he would employ in his one-man war on crime. It is not a bad idea, but The Dark at the End.
  4. William Bill Rawlins III, also known under his code name Agent Orange, is the overarching antagonist of the Netflix original series Marvel's The Punisher, appearing as one of the two main antagonists (along with Billy Russo) of the first season and a posthumous antagonist for the remainder of the series. He is the MCU's incarnation of William Rawlins, a major antagonist in the comic book.
  5. Punisher (1989) · The Punisher (2004) · Punisher : Zone de guerre (2008) · Iron Man : L'Attaque des technovores (2013) · Avengers Confidential : La Veuve noire et le Punisher (2014) · Daredevil (série TV, saison 2, 2016) · The Punisher (2017) Jeux vidéo: The Punisher (1990) · The Punisher: The Ultimate Payback

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Wikipedia punisher tv Punisher - Wikipedia . The Punisher (Francis Frank Castle, born Castiglione) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The character was created by writer Gerry Conway and artists John Romita Sr. and Ross Andru, with publisher Stan Lee green-lighting the name. The Punisher made his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #129. The Punisher, TV-MA, 13 Episodes - The Punisher is the latest Marvel/Netflix collaboration, adding another chapter to the street level corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Jon Bernthal returns to the role of Frank Castle that he so perfectly inhabited in season two of Daredevil, and takes full advantage of the opportunity the spotlight of this series provides to really flesh out a. The Punisher is a Netflix original series, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.It's set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — like most other shows produced by Marvel Television — alongside The Defenders, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, spinning off from Daredevil.. The series follows former United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal.

Japanese martial artist who avenged her grandfather's death with the help of the superhero Iron Fist. In Daredevil and The Punisher he plays Major Schoonover, Frank Castle's former commanding officer. Clancy Brown-Wikipedia. Others held there include Alistair Smythe, Blacklash, Black Tarantula, Blizzard, the Brotherhood of Mutants (Avalanche, Blob, Destiny, Mystique, Pyro), Bullseye. Clancy brown punisher Punisher - günstige Punisher vergleiche . Heute günstige Preise für Kfz-Teile vergleichen und ordentlich sparen. Immer günstige Ersatzteile für ihr Auto am Start ; Clarence J. Clancy Brown III voiced Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok. He also portrayed Ray Schoonover in the Daredevil episodes Guilty as Sin and The Dark at the End of the Tunnel and The Punisher episode.

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